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Cemetery Fees
Single Lot (One Grave)  

Resident $125.00 (Limited Area)

Non-Resident $750.00 (Limited Area)

Double Lot (Two Graves)
Resident $200.00
Non-Resident $1500.00
Cremation Burial Lots
Residents $25.00
Non-Residents $125.00
Columbarium Niche
Residents $500.00
Non-Residents $750.00
Grave Opening and Closing
Adults Burial $400.00
Infants Burial $150.00
Cremation Burial $100.00
Cremation Burial in full coffin $400.00
Columbarium Burial $100.00
*Additional $100 for Saturday Burial
*No Sunday Burials
Monument Foundations

Monument foundations are 60 cents per square inch.
All foundations will be 4 inches larger than the monument base in both length and width.

For more information please contact:
Cemetery Sexton Sue Jurkowski at 330-635-5647
or Ted Arters at 330-667-2924 or 330-416-6277
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